Monday, 20 March 2017

Britney Spears, Snapchat tongue

Britney Spears, Snapchat
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Having poked it in her first selfie for a while on Twitter at the begining of last month (3rd Feb. 2017), Britney upped the ante with animated tongue on Snapchat too: Britney Spears just made her Snapchat debut (, Jan. 2017).

“Britney Spears has expanded her social media reign into a very important domain: Snapchat. ‘A little late on Snapchat,’ the performer posted alongside a video on Twitter. ‘My kids showed me last week. It’s great because it makes you feel pretty!’ That video shows her sticking out her tongue as if activating a filter, but there’s no filter to be seen. Britney just likes sticking out her tongue on camera.”
Britney Spears, SnapchatBritney Spears, Snapchat

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